The Abomination of Sodomy

Matthew Ryan Byers

Jul. 21, 2023

Homosexuality and transgenderism are an abomination.

The first book I ever published was entitled “The Abomination of Sodomy”. It’s not out for download right now because I am revising it into a second edition. But the Lord wanted me to be as clear as day concerning what He feels about the wicked sin and abomination of homosexuality, transgenderism and anything related to such sexual perversion and immorality. You know, the Lord doesn’t “play games” so to speak. He cuts right to the chase. He is clear, plain and simple in His Word regarding what He hates and abominates and what He loves and approves of. Homosexuality and transgenderism are two things that He clearly detests and calls abominable and entirely reprobate in holy Scripture. We can’t mince our words as believers. We need to be clear cut and speak with the authority and love of Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord. His desire is that ALL would be saved and that none should perish, regardless of how filthy or wicked they are. Just think about yourself before you knew the Lord and became born-again. I know how disgusting and evil I was, that's for sure… But if we want to be wise soul winners, we need to speak with both grace and truth that are in Christ Jesus (John 1:17). Truly, homosexuals will perish and go to Hell because of their wicked lifestyles according to the Law of God. But the grace of Jesus Christ, His everlasting salvation, is promised to them if they repent, believe, get baptized and live for Christ instead of their lawless, heinous deeds and ungodly relationships. Many Christians today claim that you can be a “gay Christian” or a “same-sex attracted” Christian without actually acting on sexually illicit desires and therefore you aren’t committing any sin. The Lord condemns such foolishness. Let’s take a look at what our Father has to say about homosexuality.

1. According to God’s Law [which condemns sinners because of their sinfulness, rebellion and enmity with God in their selfish and wilful choosing of carnal pleasure instead of fearing and loving and serving the Triune God] homosexuality and transgenderism are an abomination (Lev. 20:13; Deut. 22:5). The definition of an abomination is something that is exceedingly vile, disgusting, wicked, detestable, and hateful. Abominations cause God to pour out the full measure of His fury and wrath on those who become abominable by committing abominations. Concerning sodomy, it is such an egregiously dirty abomination that God poured out fire and brimstone from Heaven upon Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities because of His hatred for their evil, disgusting sins (Jude 7). The judgment of God poured out without measure on Sodom and Gomorrah is a perpetual warning of what happens to homosexuals, child molesters, transvestites and transexuals: they will be tormented with the vengeance of everlasting fire. Everything “LGBTQ25s+'' and whatever other number or letter you want to add is an abomination to God. Whatever such people do to each other is reprobate, depraved and abominable (Rom. 1:27-29). Anyone who supports such wickedness is considered by the Lord Jesus Christ as being just as filthy and sinful as they are (think of all the so-called Christians who attend gay weddings, support their Sodomite children instead of rebuking them and preaching the Gospel to them, or those who attend Pride Festivals – such fake believers forsake and fight against Christ unto their own reprobation and condemnation – they serve a false Christ and the god of this world, Satan).

2. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 clearly teaches that the unrighteous, including homosexuals [and everyone who lives a LGBTQ+ Satanic lifestyle] will not inherit the Kingdom of God. They will end up permanently in Hell, alongside every other evildoer and wicked God-hater (that the Apostle lists). But the Good News is that through being born-again from above [being born of God – John 3:5] every sinful lifestyle can be entirely washed away and the formerly sinful person can become a new creation in Christ Jesus, who now has the right and full reality of being a child of God. See, the Apostle says “... such were some of you [ie. homosexuals] but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Such WERE some of you. You aren’t a homosexual anymore if you have been born-again. To become a Christian you have to repent of your sins, homosexuality obviously being a grave one. Therefore, you can’t live in sin and call yourself a Christian! You aren’t a homosexual anymore if you’ve been washed [immersed into Jesus Christ for the remission of sins – water baptism] justified [by grace through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection] and baptized and made new in the Holy Ghost. There’s no such thing as a “gay Christian”. Even your desires change when you meet Christ and become born-again… you become a slave to Christ and His righteousness. Considering you’ve been crucified with Christ in baptism, you can now walk in the freedom of “newness of life” in the Spirit of God (Rom. 6:4). Therefore, your old, sinful man [after the flesh] may desire indulgence in the former wickedness of your lifestyle (ie. practicing homosexuality, lusting over the same sex, etc) but now that you are born of God, you are free from the power of such sin, and as a child of God with a new heart, mind and spirit you desire to please and honor and fear and love and serve Jesus Christ; primarily through denying your old wicked desires and picking up your cross and following Him at all costs. Being a “gay Christian” or “same sex attracted Christian” is simply a wicked, sinful farse. It’s just untrue and totally against the Truth of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

3. Pride Festivals are nothing more than tempting God to wrath. All a Pride Festival is is a bunch of wicked, filthy perverts trying God's patience and avenging almighty power. In their perversion and depraved behaviour they mock at God. They seek to provoke Him to divine fury through their open, lewd, grubby acts. They mock at His promise signed by a rainbow to Noah and all the inhabitants of Earth (Gen. 9:8-17). The warning and terror of the Lord is towards such evildoers, who have the audacity to expose even children to their grimy actions: It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones (Luke 17:2). Pride Festivals are pedophilic, abusive towards children, hideous, shameful and absolutely vile. May God have mercy on every soul, and save; though the death penalty is surely needed in serious cases for such persons to quell such societal depravity. God bless every street preacher who rebukes such perverted insanity while calling men to the Only salvation of mankind, Jesus Christ our Blessed King and Redeemer. Antagonistic street preachers who have no love in their hearts are worst than the people they preach to (all they want to do is condemn, instead of save -- they don't preach the Word in love).

4. “Drag Queen Story Hour” is pedophilic child abuse. May God have mercy; but the death penalty is surely required for such pedophiles. Their parents should be locked up for child abuse for exposing them to such ungodly madness.

5. Homosexuality is not “love”. Two men sodomizing/raping each other is not loving at all, it is absolutely disgusting and wicked and leads to death. Two women sleeping together is putrid and vile. There is no such thing as “gay marriage” – obviously.

6. Most homosexuals were molested, abused or raped as children. This is so sad and horrible. Their lifestyles, while being a choice, normally sprout from such evil mistreatment. We have to be compassionate therefore and understand that many hate their lifestyle and their same-sex attraction because it is so against nature. Homosexuals live in fear, guilt, shame, drug abuse, fornication, pornography, gossip, lust and hatred. They are violent because they have normally been abused, but also because of their depraved lust and violent sexual activities (sodomy/rape). They are very promiscuous. We need to love them to Christ, but we must never accept or tolerate their evil lifestyles that normally lead to suicide or life-altering/threatening disease (Romans tells us that STI’s are a natural penalty for their abominable actions). If we actually love them we will tell them the truth. We don’t want them to die in their sins or commit suicide. Jesus loves them and desires that they would repent and be saved. We need to help heal their wounds with the word of God and make sure they are counselled and delivered and that they are discipled especially through changing thought patterns and confronting lies with truth once they become disciples of Christ (God willing). We also need to help with the trauma of their past of abuse if they have any. Let us be kind and patient towards them while never accepting how they are destroying themselves. God is a mighty Savior!

So much more could be said but we will leave that for the second edition of my book. God bless you!